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Digital version of Morodh's split EP with People Are Mechanisms.


released October 30, 2012



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Three Rooks Records Leeds, UK

Three Rooks Records is an independent label from the UK, dedicated to heavy, dark and intense music from underground artists.

As a label, our focus is one of artist development and
in-house production to the highest standards.

Three Rooks is currently operating as a not-for-profit artists collective.

Expect us to open in a business capacity later in the year.
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Track Name: Morodh - Desperation
(lyrics by Ragnaar)

I stand before the fall
I feel
the days are floating past
not even stirring
the threads of memory
of mine.
The madness is the weal of life, I understand.
I live for I set free thyself from mind
I raise my hands
I spread my wings
For my last flight from the rock of all doomed.
The age has come to end but I still live
For I am nought.
Thy name is lost in darkness
where only shadows may read it on the gates of time.
The sand of life streams through my fingers
My cry could have broken the yarn of heaven
But words untold smother my breath.
I can do nothing I laugh to death...
Track Name: Morodh - Hopelessness
(lyrics by Ragnaar)

In the dark
Among the luminous stones
You'll drink poison of loneliness

In solitude
By observing, how your body expires in hope
You'll beg for forgiveness
But this not will happen.

In the silence
That more frightening than the screams of madmen
Someone says to you:
"Never ..."